Like their essential oil counterparts, absolutes are highly aromatic liquids extracted from plants. Absolutes, however, are extracted in a complex manner that requires the use of chemical solvents that are later removed during the final stages of production. A trace amount of the solvent, however, can remain in the final aromatic absolute.

Although the amount of remaining solvent is considered tiny in carefully extracted absolutes, steam distilled essential oils are preferred within the scope of holistic aromatherapy.

Having said that, absolutes do hold their place within holistic aromatherapy and natural fragrancing applications. As with steam distilled essential oils, absolutes must be used with care, respect and knowledge. You can check our price list absolutes oil especially from enfleurage process bellow

No Absolutes from Enfleurage  Price (10ml)
1 Absolute Jasmine Sambac  $           125
2 Absolute Frangipani  $           170

While essential oils can offer great benefit when taken internally by those properly educated in the internal application of steam distilled essential oils, absolutes are generally avoided for internal use because of the trace solvent they contain.

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