Essential Oil Information and Benefits

Essential Oil itself is concentrated liquid substances which consist of volatile flavor compound taken from plant. This oil from the plant is called essential because it contain essence from the plant flavor which becomes the characteristic fragrance of the plant used in the process.

Essential Oil Usage Method and Benefits

This oil has been used in medical procedure throughout history, even the production of this oil has been start as early as year 1188 in Al Andalusian. The ethereal oils itself is known for thousands of years to give lots of benefits in dietary function, and cosmetics, some customs even used them in their spiritual and religious rituals.

Etherische Essential Oil
Etherische Essential Oil

In recent year, the interest in volatile oils starts to rise because aromatherapy increases popularity which used these kinds of oil as alternative medicine. The oils are process then being used in tropical application with massage, consumed as part of dietary method or diffused on top of candle flame and nebulizer, even burned in the form of incense. Using those methods, you can bring in health enhancing botanical essence into your life.

As we know modern lifestyle does not always brings best condition for your wellness which will make your body become unbalance because of the lack of energy. However essential oil has unique scent and benefits which will help to balance your life. Thus if you are interested in using this essential oil product, then you can try to find specific oil which could help you according to your condition.

This oil can be used not only for your body’s health and beauty, but some of the oils can even be used in purifying your home. If you do not want to use harsh chemical when cleaning the house, then you can opt for natural oil formula. The conclusion is essential oil offers great benefits in many parts of your life. especially our essential product, because we create the best essential oil product from 100% organic plants from Indonesia, PT. Etherische Olie International have been empowering more than 500 Ha and more than 300 local farmers in Java to create and produce the best essential oil in the world, including Agarwood Oil (Oud Oil), Vetiver essential oil, Massoia Essential Oil, Jasmine Essential Oil, Patchoulie Essential oil and Citronella essential oil.

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